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"Written with sensual, poetic, and evocative prose, this remarkable memoir is an honest exploration of what it means to come of age in the quiet wreckage of a broken home, when social norms were shifting and it was so very easy to fall perilously between the cracks. A deeply moving, timely, and important memoir." 
                                                                            ~ Andre Dubus III, author of Townie and Gone So Long

Body Leaping Backward, bursting with radiant storytelling, seamlessly sets Maureen Stanton's childhood struggles against the unraveling social tapestry that was America in the 1970s. This is a page-turning narrative that illuminates so much about her personal and our cultural darkest moments. 

                                   ~ Michael Patrick MacDonald, author of All Souls: A Family Story from Southie

A masterful storyteller, Maureen Stanton has written a timeless and timely memoir of an all-American girlhood derailed by drugs and loss, which manages to be both heartbreaking and hilarious, moving and memorable. At once a personal story and a portrait of a place shaped by the prison that shared its name, Body Leaping Backward is a brilliant examination of morality and culture in crisis, of girlhood and family and fierce desire, of loss and addiction, and ultimately of what brings us home. Important and riveting, this is a wonder of a book

                                                                        ~ E.J. Levy, author of Love, in Theory and The Cape Doctor

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"The miracle isn't how Maureen Stanton survived her harrowing adolescence, but how she can write about it with such beauty and clarity. I read this in one heart-in-my-throat sitting." 

                                                                             ~ Monica Wood, author of When We Were the Kennedys

F*#k the cult of the bad boy, Maureen Stanton's book makes my skin shiver and my heart pound out a hell yes. Set in the 70s up against a maximum security prison and the coming wave of drugs, a family falls to pieces. The mother descends into delinquency and soon Maureen follows--but this story reminds us how mothers and daughters clawing their way back to life is an epic journey of courage and guts and heart. A triumph. 

                                                ~ Lidia Yuknavitch, author of The Chronology of Water and Book of Joan

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Massachusetts Book Award sticker

Winner, Massachusetts Book Award in Nonfiction, 2012

"Killer Stuff is a killer read. Enjoy it, then hop in the station

wagon and see if you strike gold."   ~ Book Page 

"An intoxicating read that rips away the lace curtain from the antiques biz."  ~ Parade Magazine                             

"Utterly engaging...Not since Larry McMurtry's fictitious rogue 'Cadillac Jack' has there been such a charming emissary from the world of the previously owned." ~ Washington Post                                  

This book is full of interesting tidbits of information told in a fascinating way...I found this book hard to put down. It is a nonfiction book that is so full of unbelievable stories you will think you are reading a novel. 

                                                                                                                                                 Coastal Breeze News, FL

Short Works

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Illustration: Brian Rea

"Through a Glass, Tearfully"
Hannah Li crying tears
Illustration: Hannah Li

"The Human Soup"

New England Review

Nude Seated in a Bathtub 1910 Marcel Duc
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Opium Bottles and Knuckleheads

  – excerpt from Killer Stuff and Tons

     of Money -- Utne Reader

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Pushcart Winner 


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