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Book Blog Praise for Body Leaping Backward

Tabi Thoughts ~ "A fascinating and well-written memoir." Read full review here. 

She Loves the Pages ~ "Stanton paints a vivid portrait, not only in a small town but in America.

I highly recommend this book." Read full review here

BookChicDi ~ "Powerful. Stanton's writing is crisp and poignant." Read full review here.

The Sketchy Reader ~ "I love Stanton's voice throughout the narrative." Read full review here

PhDiva ~ "A haunting, often humorous, and thought-provoking story of one woman's journey of delinquency, self-discovery, and healing. I found Maureen Stanton's words captivating, I read her story in a single sitting." Read full review here.

Erin Evelyn Reads ~ "A stunning memoir about being a child in a tumultuous time. Powerful and moving...I loved this book." Read full review here

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Mockingbird Hill Cottage ~ "Riveting. Stanton's unsparing examination of her girlhood, of the community in which she grew up, and of the choices she made makes for a compelling read." Read full review here.

Blunt Scissors Reviews ~ "A raw and emotional read. [Stanton's] writing style is unique. This book reads as a mature reflection of her child and teen years, and is not one I will soon forget...wholeheartedly recommend." Read full review here.

Comfy Reading ~ "Gorgeously written memoir. If you are looking for a beautifully written memoir that will take your breath away, check out this book." Read full review here

Lit and Life ~ "I was really impressed with Stanton's writing, her style and her ability to make me see things in a way I hadn't seen them before." Read full review here

Openly Bookish ~ "Maureen Stanton does a fantastic job of bringing the 1970s to life...This book isn't long in length, but deep in content." Read full review here.

I Write in Books ~ "At once intriguing and heartbreaking. I am so proud of Maureen for coming out on the other side of her childhood and living to tell the tale." Read full review here

Bookseller Praise for Body Leaping Backward

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"A story of connection and disconnection, of loss and love, of the struggle to survive, and finally, of redemeption. It will haunt me for a long time."  ~ Carole Horne, Harvard Book Store, Cambridge MA

"Body Leaping Backward is honest and gritty ... Maureen Stanton  draws on her gift for storytelling to construct this riveting memoir. Reading Body Leaping Backward feels like taking a deep plunge with a gifted author."    ~ Pam Price, Book Shop of Beverly Farms, MA

"This straight-shooting and astutely observed memoir is spot-on with social and cultural references that will resonate with anyone who grew up in 1970s America."    ~ Gillian Kohli, Wellesley Books, Wellesley MA

"Body Leaping Backward is a cautionary tale that I read with diligence and pauses; the need to stop and reflect was often compelling."   ~ Kathleen "Totsie" McGonagle, Buttonwood Books and Toys, Cohasset, MA

"Gritty and heartbreaking, Maureen's memoir is likely to provide a powerful springboard for many wide-ranging discussions."  ~ Isabel Berg, BookEnds, Winchester MA

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