“The Hours: In Pursuit of Sleep”  - Riverteeth, Fall 2010

“My favorite piece is veteran creative nonfiction writer Maureen Stanton’s ‘The Hours: In  Pursuit of Sleep.’ I confess that part of the essays’ appeal for me is that I, like Stanton, suffer from terrible insomnia. . . But, I also admire Stanton’s wonderful prose and the way in which she     links her personal situation to larger issues and considerations, a universe larger than her own tossing and turning.”  

-- Sima Rabinowitz,, November 30

“Le Miserable”

Writers and Their Notebooks,  University of South Carolina Press, 2010.

Editor: Diana Raab

“A Basketball Jones”

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“Let Us Eat Cake”

American Literary Review, Fall 2008

“Self Sufficiency”  - New Madrid, July 2008

“Widely published essayist Maureen P. Stanton’s essay is a short dissertation on an incident that, it turns out, is not incidental, but essential in terms of her understanding of human relationships, the kind of short narrative burst I’d like to see more of in literary journals.”

-- Sima Rabinowitz,, January 2009

“Miss Somebody”

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“The Cat is a Haunt”

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